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Note: MXBot versions 4.0x and 4.1 have a small backdoor.

This backdoor connects to a server which is then able to execute commands on the client. This server has been offline for a long time and there is no possability of it being reactivated due to domain ownership being lost. This notice is just for information purposes.

This was disabled in the final version.
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editor.exemd5: 828881dfd7366cc118bdb44e3f4ab7c7124.0 kb
MXBot 2.[0].exemd5: d739ab8f4fa9e1dacfa42330985a795c229.7 kb
MXBot 2.[2.1].exemd5: eb01c2b47ae15ad5e9b81c892939d620236.8 kb
MXBot 2.[2].exemd5: 2771ea84b27e2b7bb7baee26c783ff5b236.6 kb
MXBot 3.[1].exemd5: d2d236114275abd2178647ab12f17d89236.9 kb
MXBot 3.[2].exemd5: 8f0a6b0ae326f3fc54b78198bcb7f0bf234.8 kb
MXBot 3.[3].exemd5: 5e1d85a5b49864867f0efb5fb6173129416.8 kb
MXBot 3.[5.1].exemd5: cdea1ebf60b420d7c836bda3837b3b2e240.2 kb
MXBot 3.[5].exemd5: e0681e029edc438c6489ea0c986eb3fc378.9 kb
MXBot 4.[0 beta2].exemd5: 693cfd737c244d2056b246771351cf67231.4 kb
MXBot 4.[0 beta3].exemd5: b13f5fb475435ddfb852b9e6f79d0ac6231.4 kb
MXBot 4.[0 beta4].exemd5: 0c3d983f438b5f4a554ae116a7e486db231.4 kb
MXBot 4.[0 beta6].exemd5: dc88c1d05e8012ba162b492f49cec0e6233.1 kb
MXBot 4.[0 beta].exemd5: ba981bc53e85f0bb004e5625b5531eb9231.1 kb
MXBot 4.[0].exemd5: 4f395fa043d4e56161251f0c142acb3a238.7 kb
MXBot 4.[1.1].zipmd5: 478fa275ca98108c0dbfd05388038877108.1 kb
MXBot 4.[1.2].zipmd5: 4fffa69bb7e2429cfad14122df60cd79160.7 kb
MXBot 4.[1].exemd5: c3efb3e07e41255280bb0442bff5d4c0203.9 kb

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