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Here is a list of released plugins and updates with Md5 hashes to ensure your plugins are up to date and authentic.

Released 250507

MenuCmd - 65A06EFB
TaskTray - B3AA82A9
URLCatcher - 5D1748A1

Released 220607

MenuCmd - 6E33B09C
TaskTray - 1645E816

Released 230607

TaskTray - 8B932DA2

Released 260607

TaskTray - 9A5CAA04

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MenuCmd - 220607.zipmd5: 9ca696348a104cd445d9e79fa44b1f0417.8 kb
MenuCmd- 250507.zipmd5: f844498965c602ed3ac8934232bf3c9517.8 kb
TaskTray - 220607.zipmd5: 5cfc719ce32c1f8b21e654a06d44229419.0 kb
TaskTray - 230607.zipmd5: 5145f15ff40906036deeb6734951b13219.0 kb
TaskTray - 250507.zipmd5: 8a7a4e0be64e0cc975aa82574fd2a6a218.6 kb
TaskTray - 260607.zipmd5: 547e869dda9461755f6d091c5fece24b19.0 kb
URLCatcherPlugin - 250507.zipmd5: 6326ccc6bcbc5bcd93991c39951dbe8646.1 kb

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