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This program is for displaying the current track playing on winamp in the winmx chat window

The programmer Sophos has a home site which can be found here,

Information on its use can be found here

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mhamp.exemd5: 9458082986ddd2724bd5797ebdcbcb06898.4 kb
mhamp 2.3.0b.exemd5: 9458082986ddd2724bd5797ebdcbcb06898.4 kb
mhamp 2.4.0b.exemd5: 8c05cc62feccb4e23fc3ec3acd09beb3791.0 kb
mhamp 2.4.1.exemd5: 121585f336afa5e801deb9f7f50f29c7905.3 kb
mhamp 2.6 full .exemd5: e8d2f3f682d0428d7822f197a06843571.0 MB
mhamp 2.6.0.exemd5: d009f127a36dc2e7ad36ff108bc82d621015.7 kb
mhamp 2.7.0.exemd5: 1d2a23178059ce1145b64c7b7426df55477.8 kb

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