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Mr Scruff is a new addition to the winmx programmers scene and these are his first program for use with it .

The programs are written in visual basic and are relativly simple to use, you can contact the author here

MrScruff123 at

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Ascii Name Maker.rarmd5: 706208695a5757ebd40ddb3f768d22c114.4 kb
Colour Maker.rarmd5: e6a44506941f76264fae0f31237b980c391.9 kb
Colour Maker v2.rarmd5: 6c5d92ceda36e984017c3a9d79d0c53e392.4 kb
Colour Maker v3.rarmd5: 01856f0ed8de05812a830705570bbd57396.5 kb
Super Pics.rarmd5: 4b5a4da8773b06029baf7f8dc64f1aa5390.7 kb

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