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This program is one of the most popular of its kind, it is a que manager/anti leech tool, that allows you to set rules on how your files are shared and to whom, the leechammer program is similar but not as fully functioned as mxmonitor.

The programmers home site can be found here,

Information on its use can be found here

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MXMoni112be.rarmd5: 736237f643fee23c39d602df05987cd8179.2 kb
MXMoni121Eb.zipmd5: 997e806ddfa77a74edfe3ac99b99c5b7162.1 kb
MXMoni123b.zipmd5: 2666f4640f4cd166a16008107be729dc164.8 kb
MXMoni125b.zipmd5: 3f95847287e4495f1171d3850ee6eedc213.6 kb
MXMoni126Eb.zipmd5: 81ed44e88d4e984dc54d5fa964656915210.0 kb
MXMoni128b.zipmd5: d9c9c8ad50cbd1e4c66d39de9e211613168.6 kb
MXMoni128Eb.zipmd5: a800297521b1162028166b55fe5ca9be165.5 kb
MxMoni128Fr.zipmd5: 924e75539a73be5c6cb559cae6b0f5e4167.9 kb

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