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QuickMX was designed to allow users to control certain aspects of the winmx client itself.
Later versions of this program are frowned upon as they are known to cause massive network ovehead.
If you have a copy of this program please remember that it will attract flooders to you like flies and resist the urge to use it , thank you all for your co-operation.

QuickMX History

* Oops, fixed the 'sudden fault' bug.

* Fixed a bug concering stopping QuickMX.
* Better listview handling.
* Fixed various pesky bugs that were hard to catch.

* Solved missing QuickMX menu items on 9x
* Changed the way QuickMX hooks WinMX to be complient with 9x

* Fixed Load/Exit bug
* Added About/Splash Window
* Added configurable auto-find-sources limit
* QuickMX can now start WinMX by itself.

* Empty list area erasing bug fixed.

* Now works in all windows platforms (9x, Me, NT, 2K)

* Initial release
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