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Ranma currently has two projects that he has made public.

The plugin written by Ranma makes Gaim able to connect to WPN (WinMX Peer Network).
Written in C, for all the platforms supported by Gaim.
Here is the sourceforge link for more information regarding this project.

Ranma also has another project at sourceforge. A platform-independent WPN (WinMX Peer Network) chat daemon

Both projects are open source and some users may find them helpful in demonstrating methods of porting to a cross platform style of code.

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Subdirectory:   WPNchatd
wpn-gaim-prpl-0.0.1.tar.gzmd5: 2b1ef165599ff88511be411217c536e5328.4 kb
wpn-gaim-prpl-0.0.2.tbzmd5: e2fc6729e71e0ec5eb1e8f8bea1ca48e244.3 kb
wpn-gaim-prpl-0.0.2_1.tbzmd5: f68b6ed60083866888e2c3603b34deea244.1 kb
wpn-gaim-prpl-0.0.3.tbzmd5: eb0e3756b1c39cf7003a63f5526d6652246.4 kb
wpn-gaim-prpl-0.0.4.tbzmd5: 9906c3165071dfec315eb6a003a46394247.4 kb
wpn-gaim-prpl-0.1.0.tbzmd5: 423ec57bcd8dfab184afcfd33af87ea9248.4 kb
wpn-gaim-prpl-0.1.1.tbzmd5: 27fab47b96aa1a527ecfb2a117e15c5b243.3 kb
wpn-gaim-prpl-0.1.2.tbzmd5: 4c6d1ef29f0644468255bdff4a292b37244.2 kb
wpn-gaim-prpl-0.1.2_1.tbzmd5: 1251048268ed284892f6eb288c37492b244.1 kb
wpn-gaim-prpl-0.1.3.tbzmd5: d10dd5e3faa27bc26476ee59100913b7248.6 kb

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