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Troll is a Guest of MxControl and wrote these plugins for early RoboMX and BendMx Versions

RoboMx 1.00 - 1.21 - BendMx 3.0x series should be compatible with these plugins.

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hex.bExmd5: abd4debaf8594a5dabd4d6fc8151037b152.0 kb
hex.rExmd5: d02d24a749034ce6d920617a503651c014.5 kb
quickBrowse.bExmd5: 2c5455651e3b11edca75d7bc0fb9d2e5208.0 kb
quickBrowse.rExmd5: ef228366402c418ee413fa318ac1f46752.0 kb
textEffect.bExmd5: 4682652d0b55350be6e08c94e40b657b192.0 kb
transCipher.bExmd5: 06a6937a6f250a6b8aa929ec3d96dd0b184.0 kb
transCipher.rExmd5: 4a637c5b1a347c7c18f6d3a614268e8744.0 kb

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