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This is a patch for WinMX 3.31 channel HOSTS.

This patch fixes:

- host gets booted when typing to much to fast (annoying winmx problem)
- double entering, allowing to hide one self (nushi chat, all versions i believe)
- renaming to a name someone else has, cloning (nushi poison)
- entering with a name someone else has, cloning (nushi 1.8 and before)
- clearing the user list (nushi poison)
- text flooding by delaying typed text (all nushi versions i believe)
- entering with rtf codes in name (old and new found codes)
- typing of rtf codes in the room (old and new found codes)
- fast renames, rename thread vunerability (unsure if this is exploited yet)
- fast renames, anti-kick (chat crasher tool)
- mass joins, parallel mass joins (chat crasher tool)
- mass joins, sequential mass joins and parts (unexploited as far as i know)

Note: All of these are fixed as of WinMX 3.53
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winmx patch version 5 (beta 2).zipmd5: 4b2f8ff184b0f7f6e73ca73dd42c600d113.0 kb
winmx patch version 5 (no IP, beta 2).zipmd5: e32bd6a5f70cbae2112d1ba4aea86a16113.0 kb
WinMX RTF Patch (version 3).rarmd5: 103ffc7cd1dc535a96ed2e4d9a09616e1.0 MB

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