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WinZO 1.0 Client release by "Amon Duul"

This is a new program released on the 12th of January and the home page is here.

Currently features secondary connection to WinMX network, searching, file upld/dl and PM's. Written in C# with LINQ

This program Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to operate

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WinZO_1_0.exemd5: fa19c9d9ae84fafaaca08f51bbe5ae69286.7 kb
WinZO_1_0.zipmd5: a50ac987c60101896677b2d8c9f80d29193.8 kb
WinZO_1_04.exemd5: ef704497fee587457169dfa9d40bb427303.3 kb
WinZO_1_04.zipmd5: 6a051940ed3ffaee547da42fb1e2cd8e213.1 kb
WinZO_1_04_src.zipmd5: a74ebb11e626aff2b9eaa2fcce1b3c35415.7 kb

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